Therapy & Counseling

We are here to help.

 Do you find yourself challenged and frustrated by your child’s behavior; wondering how you can successfully parent?  Children communicate their wants and needs through behavior. It is in exploring the meaning of challenging behaviors that we can help children develop the needed skills to express and manage strong emotions, to develop meaningful and effective relationships with others and  to cope with life stressors.
The children and families I see typically a resilient and want things to improve.  This means different things to everybody.  I am here to help you and your child find ways to make this happen.  Working child for 1 hour a week will not have nearly the same impact as involving the family who is likely wit the child many of  remaining 167 hours per week..   
I believe that each parent will know his/her child better than any professional. Through partnering we can find answers and solutions to address challenges.   I have a wealth of experience (35 years), acquired through professional involvement with more than 3,000 children and families.  I take a nonjudgmental, strength based approach grounded in the knowledge that we all have the capacity to learn and grow throughout life.  I take honest,  nonjudgmental,  and collaborative approach, frequently use play and humor to develop and deepen my relationship with clients.
I respect that seeking the help of a therapist, for ourselves or a family member takes a tremendous amount of courage and is often difficult. Engaging in therapy, at it’s best, requires a willingness to explore the thoughts, behaviors and patterns that may be hindering some aspect of our existences.  Frequently it is in the exploration of the lesson’s taught by painful experiences that personal growth and forward movement occurs. Congratulations on your decision to take the first, difficult step on your journey of exploration and growth and healing!

Office or Equine Sessions

Psychotherapy & Counseling for Families

A collaborative treatment between the whole family & the therapist.


Raising healthy, well adjusted kids isn't easy! We are here to help you build confidence for all parties, while developing helpful communication skills. 

Equine Assisted Sessions

Therapy sessions utilizing the calm presence of horses.

Couples & Individuals

Exploring Communication styles & incorporating new skill sets for handling life's conflicts &  transitions.